About Liberty Medical Management

Our private practice management programs provide quality and cost-efficient services to private practices.

Liberty Medical Management provides strategic, flexible, and unique solutions to your fiscal and administrative physician practice management challenges.

Liberty Medical Management has combined the expertise of physicians, advanced nurse practitioners, practice mangers, clinical directors, performance & quality improvement professionals, finance, IT, recruiting, marketing, credentialing, revenue cycle, coding, billing, and all other necessary to make a team that is unparalleled in the industry.

Vision Statement

Liberty Medical Management is a private practice management company.  Our vision is to build a network of healthcare providers that serve our communities with compassion and respect.

Mission Statement

Liberty Medical Management’s mission is to provide our partners all the tools needed in order to provide the best patient care.

The 4 principles that guide our organization are Partnership, Leadership, Value and Quality.

  1. Partnership – Each partnership with an onboarding physician or practice is individually crafted to represent both the partner’s and Liberty’s goals.
  2. Leadership – Let us deal with the day-to-day stresses while you focus on patient care.
  3. Value – Liberty’s proactive approach will help to create value-based strategies to improve everyone’s bottom line.
  4. Quality – Create “best practices” by instituting standardized processes and protocols.

Liberty Med Management